Advantages of Tece ABS Edgebanding

Advantages of Tece ABS Edgebanding

It has been about one year since we added ABS edgebanding to our product range. With that addition, we were able to help our customers who specifically needed ecological product in their production.

In this article, we like to give you some general information about ABS edgebanding and how we can help you in this product line.

Below, you can read some important characteristics of ABS:

  1. Weight: ABS has a density of 1.05g / cm³; making it one of the less weighted edgebandings in the market. For example, PVC has a density of is 1.4g / cm³. If the PVC is coming from East Asia with a content of 30-40% calcite filler; you can imagine how heavy they can be (approx. 1.8g / cm³). 
  2. Environment: ABS is one of most environmental friendly plastics in the world because burning ABS does not produce hazardous pollution to the air. So, if the waste of your production has to be burned, try to switch to ABS.
  3. Resistant to heat: ABS is more heat resistant edgebanding compared to others plastics. If you require a product that is more durable in shrinkage limits (if you are going to expose the furniture above 60 º degrees, ABS can be a better option above all).
  4. Order quantity: At Tece, one of the most attractive advantages of ABS is that minimum order requirement for a special design or special color. We require about 220kg per thickness and per color.
    1. This means an order of ~115m² of 2mm, or 230m² of 1mm, or 550m² of 0.4mm. This is much lesser than what we require for PVC or melamine edgebanding.
  5. Printing: At TECE, our ABS edgebanding is produced in jumbo roll, therefore all products are printed with the same UV technology, enables us to reach the optimum quality, required by our customers.

When or why should you choose ABS over PVC or vice-versa?

This is one of the most difficult questions in the market and in the furniture industry.

At Tece, our PVC formulation contains NO LEAD or DOP OIL, thus, our PVC is as clean and as environmentally friendly, as it can be (for PVC product).

Therefore, we recommend our customers to act and order according to their market requirement. If PVC is accepted by the market, then go for TECE PVC. If ABS is required, we are at your service.

Yet, if you have a color that sells slower than other colors, you can use the advantage of ABS minimum order requirement and order lesser amount.

Both PVC and ABS, screw cover can be produced and they can be pre-glued.

If you have any question, we remain at your disposal.

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