Advises to Purchase Managers

Advises to Purchase Managers

In this simple info-graphic, we try to list 4 important characteristics of a purchasing manager!


The most important work of a purchaser is to source the optimum product for the production. The purchasing department must make a connection between price vs. quality, between lead time vs. source of origin, and many other aspects. A good purchaser would be analytical and would find the optimum product needed.


A good purchaser must be sure that they have the right supplier. The right supplier means the company is a reliable company that has been in the business for long time. They have the capability to make the deliveries on time. The purchaser should visit the supplier to ensure that all deliverables are quality-checked before dispatch and see the details.


The purchaser must have alternatives for a raw material. Thus, they must accept to test each new product in their lab to ensure that they are consistent with their existing system. Raw material is everything in production; a shortage of raw material can stop the production and cost the company a lot of money. And it is the responsibility of the purchaser to avoid stopping the production.


Alongside R & D people, purchaser is the person who should also bring new ideas to the table. A good purchaser must visit all local fairs and even international fairs to collect catalogs to share with their colleagues. Let’s say if a new edgebanding is developed, he should have the sample in hand and show it to the R & D team. The fairs will open his/her mind to new ideas, to be more productive in the company.

In conclusion, the purchase manager / responsible has to be very smart and analytic to have better sources, to enable the production to run without stopping and to produce the quality products on time. 

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