Build Bridges; Not Walls

Build Bridges; Not Walls

The world is now a global village. And in this village, the borders of countries are getting lower each and everyday. At this present era, people from everywhere can interact with each other at their convenience and in seconds; or a person in Istanbul can book a flight and arrive to anywhere in the world within 24 hours. And if implemented properly, a continent without borders creates the optimum place to be (this can also be applied to the whole world). Look at the example of European Union. All members of this big community enjoy a good and decent life. Would it be so if they had built walls rather than tear them down?

Building a wall or building a separation will not help humanity. It can protect a country for a short while but it is not going to be the solution for the generations to come. And we must think of our future, our children; we must stop being selfish.

The good people of our green planet and the world leaders must look to find and develop ways to reach the optimum peace in the world; a world free of cruelty, tyranny, and terror.

Isolation or building wall or separation is not the solution; the world must unite and interact as much as possible to eliminate the evil on our beautiful planet. And my hope is that the WORLD WILL NOT BUILD WALLS BUT TEAR THEM DOWN! By isolating oneself from rest of the world is not right. What happens to your neighbor should also be your concern.

In today's world, the main reason the countries want to isolate themselves or build border-walls is to avoid the terror that is coming from radicals who only value themselves and their beliefs.

The Solution to Radicalism

I believe that the only solution is EDUCATION.

The radicals around the world can only be eliminated with education. This cannot happen overnight. You can't suppress them, the more you suppress, the more they will fight back; at the end, the radicals are against anything that opposes their opinions. The evil will always exist; there is no question. Yet, the size of evil must be kept at the minimum level.

Education is the ultimate solution to the problems around the world. An educated world will create a peace. Education will help those radicals to look to the world from a right perspective; education will show them to respect human life, and humanity. The radicals also must be embedded with the concept that peace is the most valuable assets that humanity can have; they must be embedded with idea that a single human life is far more important than their beliefs and their teachings.

If you educate them, if you teach them that people must respect one another, at that time, we can reach the ultimate peace. This education must be given to them at an early age; it must start from the time of born.


For the most part of the world, we are living in the best of times. Yet, in some places, they are living, it is the opposite: the worst of times.

Radical terror has been the biggest issue of our present time. In total, the number of these people are not so much; but a bunch of ill-minded, non-educated people creates lots of problem for the rest of the world.

I pray that in short time the world will be a place where all people from all countries will live in peace, in prosperity.

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