Experience is Everything!

Experience is Everything!

To us, to our customers, to those who care about quality, experience is the most important aspect in deciding which company's products will be better for them; thus, simply put 'experience is everything'. At TECE, combining our 30-year of experience with our love and passion of our business enabled us to reach great achievements.

Founded in 1987 in a small workshop; TECE today operates in one of the most advanced edgebanding production facilities in the world. Furthermore, TECE manufactures and offers the widest range of edgebandings in the world under the same roof.

From many years of being in business, we confirm that our experience is the most important asset of our company. Over the 30-year-period, we have gained a great level of experience in our products, in our quality management, and in our customer relations.

Since the invention of continuous edgebanding rolls in Germany in 1970s, many brands appeared and disappeared. We are thankful to God and we are proud that we are one those who survived till today; we hope we will be here in the future...

At TECE, we don't just produce edgebanding; but producing edgebanding has become our lives and our passion. Over the years, the gradual growth of TECE has enabled us to learn better, to act better, and to assist our customers better.

Through the way, we made mistakes but we learned from those mistakes and improved ourselves. Every hour of everyday, we are learning and getting better. Today has to be better than yesterday; this is our motto; because we want to do better things for the world, for our customers, for our all stakeholders.

Our experience in colormatchings, in production, customer service give the competitive edge to our customers who in turn become more successful in their market.

For more information, please contact us or arrange a visit to our facilities to see what TECE can do for you!

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