Get It Right with Perfect Details

Get It Right with Perfect Details

Mona Lisa is the greatest work of art in World Art History; because it contains fascinating details in it. Without considering the details, it is a portrait of a person; just like any other portrait. Yet, the details in the portrait makes this work to be the greatest one in history.

In the way to making a good product, details are everything. Without caring for details, it will never be possible to accomplish a good quality product.

With this mindset, at Tece, we organize ourselves so that at each step in our production, the details are not overlooked but taken care in the best possible way.

At Tece, when we say details are important; we want to express the following points:

  • details mean to imperfect the product in a way that is durable and that is up to the world standards
  • details mean to have the perfect matching color of edgebanding to the panel
  • details mean to imperfect a product without error
  • details mean to produce the product with the right raw material which does not harm the producer as well as the end user
  • details mean to produce the product with the right technology that is both efficient and effective.

At the end, details are the things which make us different from others. Otherwise, all edgebandings can be considered the same.

In the below photo gallery, you can witness several steps at our production. In each step, we look at our product in detail to imperfect our quality and to produce the right product.

With this philosophy, Tece's strongest strength is to care about each details; details which may not be important for others. But at the end, these details enable us to produce the quality which we aim to produce.

At Tece from our production person to the very top, everyone is trained with the mindset which reads 'details are everything' / 'success can only happen if we care about details'.

For more information about us or our productions, please get in touch with us!

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