July 15th: Democracy Day

The Will of the People is More Powerful Than the Strongest Weapon

July 15th: Democracy Day

On July 15th, 2016, Turkey lived through one of her most difficult moments in her modern history. Inside the military, a small group of ill-minded people, radicalized by a terror group, tried to take control of the government in a failed coup attempt. During their attack to our democracy, some 240 innocent lives were lost. Yet, on the side of the situation, a heroic event took place. The coup was stopped by not another armed group but by the civilian population. The people had no weapons but they had courage and they were brave.

On July 15th, the world has seen that Turkey has moved to a higher level of democracy, where the people stood firm against an enemy who tried to take the freedom of the people, people fought to their death against an enemy who were determined to remove an elected government in place. We are not sure how the foreign media conveyed the story; yet, that day, the world should have realized that nobody can take away the freedom of Turkish people; Turkish democracy will never be jeopardized by some terrorists. Against the will of the good people, no tank, no F-16, or no weapon could stand.

Man lying down in front of tank

About 35 years back, there was a coup in Turkey; no one stood against it. The way of making coup did not change; again some ill-minded military people took the tanks on the street, put uniformed soldiers on the street, then everything was done. However, now, that is not enough anymore; that is not enough at all. The people don't want to be controlled or governed by some general who will dictate whatever they prefer, who will destroy the country according to their ridiculous agenda. The people want to enjoy the freedom and to be government by their own elected government. Simply, they want to prosper, they have to have a good life. The only way for this is to live in a democratic country.

July 15th showed that the world is not same world that we lived 35 years back. It has changed and evolved.

This coup-attempt in Turkey had another phenomenon, on that day all people were united against the evil. There wasn't a Turkish-Turkey, or a Kurdish-Turkey, or another, there was only Turkey, a united country against the evil. The people stood under one flag with many backgrounds and ideologies. On that day, not only Turkish people stood firm but the Turkish Economy was not affected by this event thanks to the government maneuvers and the strong will of the people.

Democracy Meeting in Istanbul

Turkey is a great country with her people, her nature and her extraordinary history. And make no mistake; Turkey is on a path to becoming one of the world leading countries today because of her geography as well as her history and most importantly her gracious people. And the event of last month proved that the Turkish people are on the right path. God Bless all the good people around the world. God bless freedom, God bless Turkey, and God bless those 240 souls who sacrificed themselves for the sake of our freedom and for us!

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