Primer: the special glue behind your PVC edgebanding

Primer: the special glue behind your PVC edgebanding

Without primer, no matter which type of edgebander is used or which type of adhesive hot melt is used, the edgebanding will not stick to the edges of board. The primer is an invisible material on the back side of the edgebanding; yet, it is an indispensable ingredient of it.

Primer is the sole most important material in ensuring the adhesion of edgebanding to the panel edge as the extruded PVC has no proper bonding effect by itself.

The very primer that can be seen on the back of the edgebanding can cost between 3 euro and 10 euros / kg. The edgebanding manufacturer decides which one to use according to their experience and their quality perception.

Furthermore, we should also mention the amount of primer that can vary; it is possible to apply between 15 gr / m² and as high as 35 gr / m².

  • In this article, we are analyzing the reasons why you should choose Tece for your edgebanding needs.

    In the first slide, you will see the primer quality of Tece compared to other companies. You will witness the fact that the adhesion of Tece product is superior to many others.

    After that slide, you will see a simple graph explaining the relation between quality & amount of primer vs. quality of edgebanding.
  • You can see this interesting study that shows the different quality of edgebanding.

  • You can see the above graph which shows the relation between primer cost & primer amount vs. the quality of edgebanding.

In other words, the cost of one square meter of primer can be as high as 0.35 euro / m² or as low as 0.045 euro / m².

And we can assure you that when you buy an edgebanding with very low price, they are not having the cost of 0.35 euro / m²; rather, they cost is about 0.05 euro / m² at a similar rate. You can see the difference in the above presentation of the application result.

At Tece, we apply 30 gr of primer per square with the highest of quality of primer. We only work with the world leading German producer of this product: Jowat. We apply the highest possible amount of primer per square meter.

Why are we paying more whereas we can earn more?

At Tece, we believe that we must insure everything that we do. When we invest in equipment, when we decide which material to use, we always act according to this philosophy.

We see this cost as an insurance in our product quality. We will never gamble on quality. We can earn more one time; yet, we can earn the respect and trust of our customer every time.

Over the many years of experience in edgebanding, we have come to the conclusion that both the user and distributor of our products should not focus on trying to solve their customers' issues with edgebanding; rather, they should help the customers to make the right decision in choosing our product. This can only be possible if the distributor or furniture manufacturer has the right tool which in this case is the right quality edgebanding.

What happens if you use the cheap edgebanding?

What if edges of the very furniture that you sell starts peeling off easily or after one month of using it! Who can you blame? From our experience no one will take responsibility. The primer producer will blame the application method. The machine producer would blame the glue and so on.

We can really understand the customer concerns about paying more. Yet, one thing must be conveyed properly: why are we paying for insurance for our cars, for our houses, even for our life? In 99% of the time, we never need it. But we as humans prefer to pay little in return for a full payback. And primer material should be considered as such.

In conclusion, you are better off using a decent edgebanding than the cheap one. You will save maybe 0.5% from your expenses. But in the long run, your product will suffice.

Think of this additional cost as insurance policy.

At the end no matter you buy from Tece or another company, make your test and make sure that when the edgebanding is peeled off, there is adequate amount of particles from the chipboard on the surface of the edgebanding.

If you are not seeing chipboard particles in the edgebanding, stay away from that edgebanding.

In the long run, as said always, the good quality will prevail. Lesser quality will disappear.

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    Iqbal ahmed

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