Quality + Price + Service: All are Important

Quality + Price + Service: All are Important

When choosing a supplier for a product; quality, price, and service of the supplier must be analyzed and calculated carefully to make the right purchasing decision.

If the above 3 criteria are fulfilled according to the need of the buyer, they have already found the right partner for their needs.

Given this, let us now analyze our company in the each matter:

1. Quality matters the most

  • Quality matters the most

    Quality Matters The Most

    Product Consistency: Consistency is essential in our production, in our products, and in our interactions. Tece's products will give you the consistency that you need in edgebandings in all essential matters. Since the newest technology and better raw material are used for production, the parameters will only change within the tolerance level. In the next few slides, you can view this in details.

    Furthermore, our behaviors in pricing or production time are consistent. We try our best to keep our pricing at the same level even if the raw material prices increase. We prefer not to bother our customers with this matter.
  • Constant Quality Control

    Constant Quality Control

    Tece has integrated a system of quality control in the production: The producer shall not worry about adhesion, color consistency, or other details which are important in edgebanding. Our job at Tece is to make our customers' lives easier. To this end, around the clock, Tece employs professionals to check the quality; making sure that all products are producers according to the standards of Tece.

  • Resistance to Solvent

    Color Change

    Furniture producers must clean the remainder of the glue on the edge after applying the edging to the panel. During this process, the surface of the PVC will be wiped along the corner with some sort of solvent. Only the quality raw material will ensure that the solvent does not damage the printing ink.

    Thanks to our UV printing and lacquering system at Tece, our PVC edgebanding has a high resistant to solvent; this ensures that the color or design would never change or fade away no matter what sort of solvent is used.
  • Primer matters

    Resistance to Scratching

    The edges of panels are the most vulnerable parts of furniture. Thus, they must be durable and strong against hits and damages. PVC itself is a durable material; how about the wood design on the PVC? At Tece, thanks to our UV printing and lacquering technology, both our design and our PVC surface is resistant to scratches and damages.

  • Resistance to Light

    Resistance to Light

    Both inks and pigments are important part of the edgebanding ingredients and they are indispensable to assure the quality and consistency of the edgebanding. The quality pigments and inks assure that the color would remain same no matter how much time has passed.

    Using the low quality with less value of light fastness helps the low quality producers to decrease their production cost. When processing the edgebanding, the furniture maker will not see this defect. But as time passes by, the white would become yellow or red becomes faded. Both printing inks and pigments, used by Tece, are made in Germany or Italy. On a woolscale of maximum 8, our inks and pigments have light fastness between 6 and 8.
  • Primer Quality

    Primer Quality

    All plastic edgebandings have special glue on the backside. It is called primer. Primer helps the edgebanding to stick to the rough edge of the panel. Yet, it could be possible that the edgebanding can peel off when it is hit or time passes by. This could be because the edgebanding has less primer or it has a low quality primer. At the first application, it will not be visible just like the light fastness; when time passes, the edgebanding could be peeled off from the edge of the panel.

    At Tece, only Jowat primer is used to ensure the consistency. This philosophy of using the top quality raw material helps us to server better to our customers.

2. Price is now more important than ever

  • Be a Smart Buyer

    Be a Smart Buyer

    It is time to be a smart buyer because the world has become so competitive. And companies will earn when they are making the right purchasing decisions rather than selling. The world’s leading and most important furniture producers are making their products with the best machinery and the best available materials.

    That is because overtime they have experienced the following:
    1. The most efficient and optimum production can be done with the best machinery
    2. To get the best out of the best machinery, it is necessary to use the good and consistent quality of materials.
  • Price vs. Optimization

    Price vs. Optimization

    The cost of the edgebanding can be low; but the time and effort put into processing will increase the cost at the end. Thus, when using a low quality / cheap edgebanding, at the end of day, the final cost of edgebanding + processing will end up being same as if using the expensive edgebanding.

    The smart buyer should make a detailed calculation and study on this to make sure that their production runs smoothly.
  • Pricing of Tece Compared to Others

    Pricing of Tece Compared to Others

    Considering the quality and raw materials used during the production of edgebanding, Tece can offer one of the most competitive prices in the market.

    We can assure that when you are buying cheaper material, it is cheap, not because, they are making less profit. Yet, it is because they are using second quality raw material, or they do not have any standards which would assure the quality of edgebanding. In essence, we do not simply suggest you to buy the most expensive material but to buy the right quality of material.

With Tece or other premium quality edgebanding suppliers, the buyer should have a free of mind and they should be focusing on selling the product rather than trying to adjust their production or trying to solve the customers complains. At the end, the better quality will always prevail.

3. Service and Speed

Producing a good product or selling it for competitive price is not enough anymore. We also need to give the best possible service to our customers. Service means to deliver the material at the right moment according to the customers' needs. To this end, we installed various production lines to be more flexible and to be more responsive.


Furthermore, to any inquiry by email or telephone, we try to get back within the next 24 hours.

To see our production and speed in action, try to organize a visit to our factory and see the details by yourself.


Selection of the Edgebanding Supplier

In this competitive era, winning starts from the right purchasing. When buying edgebanding or any other products, the buyer should consider quality + price + service. Within this equation, they must find the optimum supplier for their needs.

We may be or may not be the right edgebanding supplier for your company but analyze our product, analyze our company, and analyze our service before making your edgebanding decision.


If you have any question, get in touch with us. Within the next 24 hours, you will receive our reply!

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