SAP is the Choice of TECE

SAP is the Choice of TECE

At TECE, we believe in progress and development; progress must exist at every step of our operations. From selling a product to a customer, to producing or developing a new product, we have to think of future. Long-term decisions and planning for future will lead us to success.

To this end, in the second half of 2017, we made an important decision in investing in our total computer system (from ERP to accounting). And we decided to go forward with SAP. SAP is the number system for production companies in the world.

We hope that in the middle of 2018, we will start implementing SAP to our company step by step. And by the beginning of 2019, we hope that SAP will be running at every department of TECE.

SAP Road

With SAP system, we hope to achieve the below results:

  • Total control of production
  • Total control of quality
  • Precise information of production based on previous data
  • Precise information of costing and more...

Keeping our flexibility in place, SAP will be implemented in every department at TECE. We believe that with this investment, we will be much more efficient and effective towards all our stakeholders.

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