Softforming Melamine Edgebanding for Chipboard

Softforming Melamine Edgebanding for Chipboard

One of the important reasons for continuity of melamine edgebanding is the softforming applications. Melamine edgebanding is the ideal material with its flexibility and durability.

At Tece, for softforming applications, we always offered material in thickness of 0.31mm. In all application, softforming was done on MDF boards.

Yet, in recent development to save cost in production, many people are switching to chipboard (particle board), sometimes, lesser quality chipboard.

With our 0.31mm, MDF worked perfect; however, the low quality chipboard particles would be seen with this thickness. We call this telegraphy effect of particles onto the edgebanding. To solve this issue, we have added another thickness of melamine edgebanding in 0.34mm (190gsm).

With this addition, no matter how low is the quality of the particle board, the particles will be completely covered with our edgebandings.

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