The World Cannot Go Back To Its Horrible Days…

The World Cannot Go Back To Its Horrible Days…

God has created this world beautifully without any flaws; yet, as humans, we can keep our planet as heaven; or we can turn this place into hell.

In our modern era, most part of the world is living in the most advanced age of the human history; it is not mistaken to call this era 'the golden age'. The access to healthcare and food have never been easier. Yet, there are still those countries in suffering.

People in Syria, in North Korea, in Venezuela, or in other disrupted countries deserve a better life. The kid in North Korea has as much right as the kid in New York City to live. The baby in Aleppo, Syria has as much right as the baby in Munich, Germany to go to a hospital. At the end, we don't decide where we are born. But what if no matter where we are born, we are born into the world with the optimum standard of living. This is a utopia but it can happen.

The world can be a better place if the world can get rid of bigotry, hatred and the hunger for power. 

Perhaps, hatred or hunger for power may be embedded in the DNA of humans. One country wants to destroy another. One religion wants to destroy another; one sect of religious group wants to destroy another sect, it goes on like this. But all these destructionist ideas make our world worse for all of us, including the winning side of the war.

The richest men of the world (examples: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, etc) are trying to find ways to distribute their money, their wealth so that the world can be a better place. They spend billions of dollars trying to find cures for diseases in Africa or elsewhere. The richest men are ready to give up their wealth for the benefit of the world. Yet, is it not true that the more they have, the more power they will possess? But instead, they choose to help the world, spend their money for the benefit of humanity. I believe that we need that kind of consciousness and thinking in this world to make our planet better place to live.

Today, the world is speaking of nuclear warheads. North Korea threatens the US with a nuclear war and visa-versa. The world powers have enough nukes to destroy the world many, many times. What is this all for? Why power is so attractive, why one nation wants to conquer or control another nation. It was not too long ago; the world (including all super powers of the day) went through WW2 and witnessed the catastrophic incidents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Hiroshima 2

The world cannot go through another world war; especially a nuclear war which people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki lived through. The US cannot do the same mistake that they did 72 years back. The history is still judging and condemning the man who pushed the trigger for the destruction of these two cities and their inhabitants.

Let us pray that, for us and our children that the world to be a better place, a more peaceful place where we can travel freely without fear of life, we can enjoy the beautiful green planet. Let us pray that it will become a place where each person cares about one another no matter where they are from, which religion they belong to.

I hope that there will be many more people like Bill Gates who will devote their energy and their wealth for the better world.

May God bless the good people of our planet!

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