Time to Choose a Reliable Edgebanding Supplier

Time to Choose a Reliable Edgebanding Supplier

As Tece, for the last 30 years, our only business is to produce and supply premium edgebandings. And for us, no matter the consequences, the most important is to be a reliable supplier and to make our customers satisfied.

Supply chain management is one of the most important aspects for production companies, especially in these times. These days, due to ongoing events around the world, raw materials for many products are scarce; thus, the prices are going higher and higher.

The companies with reliable suppliers are well positioned and can be relaxed that their productions will run smoothly. Yet, those without the right suppliers can face difficulty in their supply chain. They can even shut down their production lines because they could not find the raw materials.

At Tece, we care about our customers. We care about their feedback and satisfaction. For us, we see all our customers as our long-term partners. And we like that our customers see us in this way.

With our big range of edgebanding production, we are at the disposal of our customers 24/7.

For all furniture producers, for all distributors of edgebanding, we ask that they plan a visit to TECE. To see what TECE can do for them. Our mission is to make our customers happy and satisfied.

For more information about our products and our company, please get in touch with us.

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