Traveler of the Lost City: East Anatolia

Traveler of the Lost City: East Anatolia

The moment that we are observing now is the moment of another phenomenon that is happening in some other part of the world. While we are in our air conditioned / heated rooms or offices, some people are trying to survive the cold weather now.

With the latest developments, we are living in an era that is unprecedented in world history in terms of comfort and easy access to everything. Yet, there are still some places, where this comfort or high level of life style has not penetrated into the lives of the people.

In this photo gallery, I wanted to share some of my previous works from East Anatolia.

Here, in Turkey, we have winter season, enjoy viewing the photos of East Anatolia in winter season!

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Tayfur Coskunüzer

Tayfur Coskunüzer

Mr. Tayfur Coskunuzer is the chairman of Tece Dekor. He provides the overall direction and strategy for TECE. Mr. Tayfur Coskunuzer is a visionary who has led Tece from 100 m² of workshop (where only pre-gluing was done) to an area of 20,000 m² (where raw paper is turned into any design and then melamine edgebanding) in a time span of 8 years.

In his spare times and many trip abroad, he enjoys taking photographs. He has published two books; 'Masai Mara' and 'Traces of Light'. For more information, please his personal website.

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