Unlimited Colors + Unlimited Decors

Unlimited Colors + Unlimited Decors

Our customers don't need ask us if we have this shade of white or this design of wood décor. Our answer is simple and clear: 'We have it all'. That is because we can create / match any color or décor based on the samples which we receive from our customers.

In our standard express collection of PVC and melamine, we have about 300 different colors and decors available in different thicknesses and all in sorts of width. Yet, there are thousands of more colors in our system which we are producing based on the special need. Each of these colors is unique to every other customer.

Additionally, the question of 'different width availability' is not relevant at Tece. We can produce in any width between 16mm and 610mm. That is because all our production is done on jumbo rolls and then slit to any size requested!

Our customers' orders can be complex; yet, we have a solution for them in color and in width. This is thanks to our cylinder bank as well as color experts. Additional to unlimited color + decors, we are able to offer different textures in PVC and melamine.

Additionally, our new investment into a lab extrusion will help us to serve our customers better to develop and prepare small samples for confirmation and color matchings in a very short time.

Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you!

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