With our complete workforce, we produce only edgebanding. Edgebanding is our passion; it is our life...
Tece is a producer of furniture edgebanding. Our product portfolio includes ABS, PVC, 3D, Metal, Melamine and Veneer edgebandings. Our ability to produce all these products under one roof is what makes us stand out from our competitors. We are passionate about what we do and try to offer our customers the best.
The Passion
Producing and selling edgebanding is not just a job for us, it’s our passion. For the last 35 years, we have consistently and passionately strived to meet our customers' needs by offering superior quality products. Even though we are based in Turkey, we have huge international market that looks up to us to manufacture and supply high quality edgebanding to them. We have built trust with our customers for over a quarter a century and we have never failed them.
Our mission has always been and will remain to 'provide the best quality edgebanding products to our customers.'

We have simple principles which we adhere to during our operations.

Our number one priority is to creatively employ high degree of expertise to produce high quality products that will meet our customers’ diverse needs.
  • Our Mission Statement
    Producing the highest quality edgebanding in the market, meeting the demands of the customers and taking the customers' satisfaction number one priority.
    Our Mission Statement
  • Our Vision Statement
    Our Vision Statement
    Achieving an international renowned brand name in the globe and exporting Tece's products to the entire globe.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the guarantee provided by Tece for all her products?
We stand firm behind the quality of our product. When buying our products, our customers should know that there is a quality to it, there is intelligent effort put into it. There is a company waiting to help and solve issues in case of any problem.

Our edgebandings have a shelf life between 1 year and 2 years after production. This time depends on product range; preglued products must be consumed within 12 months of production; the rest can be consumed within 2 years. And our product is guaranteed for this time period.
Is Tece a manufacturer of this wide range of products?
Yes. In the world, Tece has the widest range of edgebanding products. Tece only sells the edgebandings which are produced under her roof. Additionally, we coordinate with other companies for supplying hot melt glue, edge trimmer, screw covers, and other gadgets.
What is the turnover of Tece worldwide?

To give the turnover of Tece is not appropriate on our website as Tece is a privately owned-company. But below, you can see our production capacity and you can figure out our total sales.

ReferenceMeters sold
Every Second18 mt
Every Minute1,080 mt
Every Hour64,800 mt
Every Day1,555,200 mt
Every Week10,886,400 mt
Every Month46,811,520 mt
Every Year561,738,240 mt

The above calculation is based on the average sales of Tece. PVC thickness of 0.8mm and width of 20mm are taken as reference.

Where can I buy Tece products?
If you are a distributor or bulk buyer, please contact with us so that we can send samples and pricing.

If you are a carpenter or buyer of small quantity, Tece products are readily available in more than 90 countriesaround the world. Just get in touch with us so that we can tell you where you can buy our products.

You can see our presence on this map.
What is the Tece's environmental policy?
We want to leave a healthy, clean world to the future generations. We invest much to this purpose. Making sure that we do not pollute the world and creating a good environment for our stakeholders are our top priorities. In many cases, this is an additional cost us but producing our products without harming anything is much more valuable than earning some extra percentage. Our motto is simply 'we can always earn the money; the environment cannot be earn once it is lost'. Furthermore, Tece is located in one of the most developed industrial zones of Turkey and we are continuously being checked by the Environmental agency.
What are the working hours of Tece?
Our production works 24/7. Our offer is open Monday through Friday between 8:30am till 6:30pm. If you call after hours, someone will also try to help you.

How can I buy only TECE tools?
At TECE, all accessories and machines we develop are intended to help our customers gain an advantage in their market through the use of our edgebanding products.

These tools and accessories are only available for purchase in conjunction with our edgebanding products. It is not possible to supply the tools and accessories separately.
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