Melamine: The Economical Solution for Edging Needs
Edgebanding is perceived as being the most important accessory in furniture making. Edges are the most vulnerable parts of the furniture that are prone to external damages.

Melamine is a special paper that is first impregnated and then covered with lacquer. Impregnation is a process in which the paper is absorbed with resin and covered with lacquer surface. After these processes, the paper gains strength and resistance. In short, melamine is a special surface covering material that has high resistance to impacts, scratches, and abrasion. It is also flexible and suitable for turning corners.

Quality of impregnation determines the quality of the final product. Given this reason, Tece places special emphasis on the quality of the impregnation and uses the right and best quality eco-friendly chemicals during the impregnation process.

To guarantee the superiority, compatibility and competitiveness of all of our products under different conditions, they compulsorily undergo rigorous quality checks.

The regular of unglued melamine edgebanding comes in big jumbo rolls of 65 cm in width and 500 mt in length. This can be changed to suit individual customer preferences.

Pre-glued rolls of any width and length can also be offered depending on the customer’s requirements. About 250 gr of hot melt per m² is used for pre-glued products in order to have a very strong bonding of the edgebanding.

With more than 150 designs / decors available in the current color swatch, we are able to provide edgebanding for the best-selling colors from many major chipboard producers worldwide. In addition, we continuously add new designs as new trends come about. In addition to our 150 stock colors, we mostly produce special colors based on the customer needs.

If you cannot find the right wood grain design in our standard color swatch, don't hesitate to contact us and we will try to reproduce the design for you.
  • Thickness 0.28 and 0.31mm Thickness 0.28 and 0.31mm
  • Width from 9mm to 650mm Width from 9mm to 650mm
  • Minimum tolerance on color Minimum tolerance on color
  • Perfect matching Perfect matching
  • Natural Feel Natural Feel
  • Healthy Healthy
  • Customizable Customizable
We believe in flexibility and providing the right service to our customers. Our goal has always been to supply a complete solution to our customers. Therefore, we can supply products to the big manufacturer which has a machine running at speed of 30 mt/minute or a small shop that makes edging process with a simple iron.

With this in mind, we can supply pre-glued (known as 'Iron-on') melamine edgebanding for all our colors and designs based on the demand.

On the back side of the edgebanding, hot melt glue is applied at the right quantity. The hot melt is special glue which is activated with heat.

With a standard iron or a hot air blower, the carpenter can apply the edging with ease at a speed of his/her choice. Pre-glued melamine edgebanding makes it easy for small size carpenter to use edgebanding in their shops without having to invest into big machineries.

Get in touch with us for further discussion about pre-glued melamine edgebanding!
Think of an office desk, wouldn’t it be nice to have the front part of this table with special radius? So that when leaned, it won't hurt elbow or it will not be damaged. And we have a special product that could be used to cover the radius edge. After CNC or routing, the special melamine edging can be applied. We call it 'soft melamine edgebanding'. And the process is called softforming edging application. The soft melamine edge could be applied with softforming machine or hot air blower.

The main difference between the standard edge and soft edge is its flexibility. Melamine edgebanding can be produced in a way that turning soft radius could be possible without cracking. Comparing the straight melamine edging, soft melamine is much more flexible and thus enables the furniture maker to apply to radius shaped edges without cracking at the radius point.

The possible embossing textures for the surface are pearl (orange) effect, wood pore effect, and ash effect.

As other products, a color match is also possible for this product line.

High Gloss Melamine Edgebanding

In the last few years, the consumption of high gloss / acrylic panels have gone up on a recognizable level. More kitchens / bathrooms are being produced with this sort of glossier panels today.

We now offer 'high gloss melamine edgebanding'. This product comes in both pre-glued rolls and without glue rolls. It is also possible to have protection foil on top of it for without glue rolls.

We developed this product because we want to help the small carpenters who can use pre-glued edgebanding at their own ease or without going through an edgebander facility.

What is the advantage of pre-glued melamine edgebanding compared to pre-glued plastic edgebanding?

Workability: Plastic is simply not so resistant to direct heat; rather, melamine is a specially meant to have much more resistant to direct heat.

Cost: Glossy melamine edgebanding will cost less than plastic.

Gloss level: The gloss level of plastic edgebanding will be better for sure. But the melamine will also produce a satisfactory result.

If applied correctly with an iron, this product will produce better result compared to pre-glued plastic edgebanding for adhesion to the edges.

For more information, please get in touch with us.
Trend in furniture creates different demand for special products or techniques. Softforming melamine edgebanding was one of these special products that was very common about 10 years ago. In these days, the trend is more straight style of furniture or membrane furniture which gives similar look as softforming.

Yet, softforming melamine edgebanding has never become obsolete. Softforming melamine edgebanding is still very practicable product for wrapping door frames / edges for door producers. And Tece can offer such product. With the right equipment (edgebander or hot air blower) and technique, it is very possible to wrap as low as 4° of radius.

Below, you can see the side of door where Tece softforming melamine edgebanding can be used.

Furthermore, you can see below some of the main application where you can wrap with our softforming edgebanding

It is also possible to produce this product in the color / design of your need based on your panel design / color. Tece, the manufacturer of PVC + melamine + veneer edgebanding, always tries to give a complete bundle solution for edgebanding.

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Paintable melamine edgebanding is made from a special formulated resin designed to give a durable surface for painting or printing. The special rough surface makes it possible for paint to adhere to the surface. After applying the edge, the furniture can be painted into desired color.

Furniture makers usually use primer to fill the edgebanding of chipboard to reach a paintable edge. But this product will make their jobs so easy.
TECE believes that décor printing is one area that is continually changing and developing. To this end, we have two printing machines installed with widths of 65cm and 160cm. We can printing paper from 80 gr to 200 gr.

This, in one hand, facilitates the customers to pick up the right match on a "tailor-made" basis; and on the other hand, gives the company an opportunity to develop its own "design bank" and "product ranges" for serving the potential customers.

Color matching services we offer arms us with a facility to meet the customers' diverse needs. Tece has stood the test of time and is always alert and ready to meet the challenges.

It is also possible to impregnate the printed decor paper at our facility.
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