Comparing ABS vs. PVC vs. PP
Comparing ABS vs. PVC vs. PP

In the world of plastics, numerous types of materials are available. Fortunately, in our realm of edgebandings, the primary plastics are PVC, ABS, and PP.

We have been receiving many questions regarding the distinctions between these three materials. Customers are inquiring about why they should choose PVC over ABS, PP, or vice versa.

In the table below, we will provide an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of each product. In the below table, we name our PP edgebanding as 'Hybrid'

EnvironmentABS is considered to be the 'Green' because it can be recycled. However, the recycling can be done by burning the material also, no harmful gas is exposed. ABS takes shorter period of time to decompose in the ground.PVC can be recycled; however, burning PVC can expose harmful gas to the environment. PVC takes longer time than ABS to be decomposed.Hybrid is green because it can be recycled and burned. It is cleanest polymer in the world as it can also be used in food packaging and more. 
Resistant to FireABS is not resistant to fire. It will burn and flame. The exposure of harmful is limited. PVC is also resistant to fire, however, in case of fire, the gas exposure is risky and unhealthy.Hybrid will burn like candle; the hazard of gas is similar level to burning candle.
DurabilityABS can be damaged if a strong solvent is used. Thanks to our UV stabilizer, ABS is also resistant to lights. PVC is resistant to solvent and UV lights. It is possible to use the strongest form of solvent.Hybrid is strong against certain chemicals. That is the reason, some lab furniture has to be made from hybrid
CostingABS is the most expensive edgebanding solution in the plastic segment.PVC is cheaper than ABS.Hybrid is the cheapest polymer at TECE.
ProcessingIt is more convenient to process ABS on edgebanders. The lifetime of trimming knives of the edgebanding is longer. Only be careful with the selection of solvent to be used for cleaning.PVC is a good product for all sorts of edgebanders. However, due to its strong composition, it is little harder to process than ABS in edgebanders.The machine has to have sharp knives to avoid hair issue. 
AvailabilityFor ABS, we have one advantage which is we have a smaller line whom we can supply lesser quantity.At Tece, all polymer materials are available. For PVC, our capacity is high, minimum order requirement is higher.With hybrid, we mainly focus on white edgebanding with bigger order volumes.
For laser edgebandingABS is the perfect product for laser technology due to its resistant to fire and also when burned, there is not harmful gas. It is only recommended to used minimum thickness of 1mm for laser edgebanding processed.If PVC is burned, the exposure of the gas is harmful. Therefore, for laser, or airtech technolody, PVC cannot be used.Hybrid is the ultimate product for this as the functional layer is made from PP. 
Color strengthFor ABS, we are using the highest quality of pigments to avoid any yellowing or fading issue on plain colors.At Tece, we use the same technology of printing for PVC as well as ABS. So they are both on the same level.For hybrid also, we are using the best possible uv stabilizer and pigment to avoid any issue with fading or yellowing. 
DimensionsIn ABS, thickness between 0.3mm and 2,5mm is possible. The width can be between 14mm and 610mmIn PVC, thickness between 0.3mm and 2mm is possible. The width can be between 14mm and 610mmIn Hybrid, thickness between 0.3mm and 2mm is possible. The width can be between 14mm and 1900mm

At Tece, we believe that all of our PVC, ABS, and PP products are of high quality. However, it's important to note that each market has unique needs and preferences. To put it simply, neither furniture producers nor edgebanding suppliers determine which product to choose. Instead, it is the market that dictates the demand for specific products.

For instance, in Germany, ABS is the preferred choice, while in India, ABS may not be as widely recognized. In the USA, both ABS and PVC products are popular. Notably, with Ikea, the preference is for PP.

If you would like more information or wish to receive samples of both products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

ADDED DATE 04 Nov 2023
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