Super Sample Box
Super Sample Box
Presentation of our product is very important to us. Over last 10 years, the world has changed incredibly. Having a product is not enough. The packaging is also important. Let's take the example of iPhone. The beautifully designed package adds more value to it. At TECE, we know this very well. We believe that producing a quality product is utmost important to a company; and a good presentation / package of that product will make te sales. That is because it will create a better perception in the minds of the customers. Keeping this in mind, we always try to design the best special packaging for our products. Just recently, we prepared a special small box that would hold the complete collection of Tece edgebanding. With this package, our customers have easier access to our range and also they can have a more organized office (as they would store all TECE sample chains in one box). To receive this special collection box, just get in touch with us. [widgetkit id=194]
ADDED DATE 12 Sep 2016
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