• How is it made?

    How is it made?

    In this special slide-show, we take you through the interesting steps of how TECE makes your plastic edgebandings.
  • Step 1

    Board Sample: We need to receive the actual board sample or you need to give us the code of board producers. In both cases, we need to have the board physically.

  • Step 2

    Our staff checks and decide which part of the board we need to match or you mark the position yourself before sending the sample.

  • Step 3

    According to the position, the color matching process starts.
  • Step 3.1

    We select the base color and texture finish based on the sample.
  • Step 3.2

    We prepare the counter sample for consideration. The sample is controlled both with eye and with spectrophotometer.
  • Step 3.3

    Metamerism is very important issue; thus, we have to check the color under different lights to make sure the color is good.
  • Step 4

    We send the sample to the customer for approval or go into direct production depending on customer preference.
  • Step 5

    The production starts with extrusion, and then printing.
  • Step 6

    Once the production is complete, the production makes quality control of printing, adhesion and more.
  • Step 7

    The product is slit to the size. At Tece, all our production is done in jumbo rolls. This gives us the flexibity to slit to any size that is needed.
  • Step 8

    The pallets are ready for dispatch...
  • How is it made?

We make good and competitive edgebandings
That’s what we do!

When thinking of edgebanding, one might think that it is a simple product; thus should be produced with a simple process. However, the production of quality plastic edgebanding is fascinating and sophisticated.

To produce a cheap edgebanding may not require most of steps above. Yet, to produce the quality edgebanding requires us to do each of the above steps and more steps that we cannot disclose here.

Over the last 30 years, Tece has pioneered in production of edgebanding with consistency and good pricing. With the latest developed German and Italian technology combined, with the raw material from the leading producers of the world (BASF, Clariant and so on), and with Tece's ability to control the quality consistently, Tece would be a good choice. In short, Tece has created a perfect environment and work conditions in which the product is produced with the highest quality and the optimum price.

Below, you can see 3 simple reasons for using Tece

Product Consistency: Tece's product will give you the consistency that you are looking for in your company. Since the newest technology is used, the parameters will only change within the tolerance level.

Satisfaction: If you are a distributor, you must focus on selling, not listening to the complaints of your customers. With Tece, we can assure you that you will experience only satisfaction.

Constant Quality Control: Tece integrated system of quality control: The producer shall not worry about adhesion, color consistency. Our job at Tece is to make our customer’s life easier. To this end, around the clock, Tece employs professionals to check the quality; making sure that it is within the standards set by the management.

In the presentation below, you can see and observe an interesting list of tests which would help you to find the best solution for your edgebanding needs.

  • Solvent test

    Solvent test

    Furniture producers must clean the remainder of the glue on the edge after applying the edging to the panel. During this process, the surface of the PVC will be wiped along the corner with some sort of solvent. Only the quality raw material will ensure that the solvent does not damage the printing ink.

    Thanks to our UV printing and lacquering system at Tece, our PVC edgebanding has a high resistant to solvent; this ensures that the color or design would never change no matter what sort of solvent is used. You can take material from all different supplier and wipe the samples with the solvent. Now compare which one is still look the same as original.
  • Scratch test

    Scratch Test

    The edges of panels are the most vulnerable parts of furniture. Thus, they must be durable and strong against hits and damages. PVC itself is a durable material; how about the wood design on the PVC? This test would prove that not only PVC edgebanding is durable but also the adhesive of design is strong.

    At Tece, thanks to our UV printing and lacquering technology, both our design and our PVC surface is resistant to scratches and damages.

    You can take a stick and hold it in 90 degree angle. Scratch the surface with it at least 5 times. Do this test with your all different samples from different supplier. Check which products' surface remains the same after the scratch.
  • Color test

    Color Change

    Both inks and pigments are important part of the edgebanding ingredients and they are indispensable to assure the quality of the edgebanding. The quality pigments and inks assure that the color would remain same no matter how much time has passed. Yet, there are cheaper versions that can radically lower the cost of the production. And many cheap edgebanding producers do not consider the light fastness of ink / pigment very important. Using the low quality with less value of light fastness helps them to decrease their production cost. When processing the edgebanding, the furniture maker could not able to determine this defect. But as time passes by, the white would become yellowish or red becomes faded. Both printing inks and pigments, used by Tece, are made in Germany. On a woolscale of maximum 8, our inks and pigments have light fastness between 6 and 8.
  • Primer matters

    Primer really matters

    All plastic edgebandings have special glue on the backside. It is called primer. Primer helps the edgebanding to stick to the rough edge of the panel. Yet, it could be possible that the edgebanding can peel off when it is hit or time passes by. This could be because the edgebanding has less primer or it has a bad good quality primer. At the first application, it will probably not visible just like the light fastness.

    At Tece, only Jowat primer is used to ensure the consistency. Again, this philosophy of using the top quality raw material will pay off in the long run.
  • Primer amount

    Amount of primer

    The amount of primer applied to the edgebanding is important.

    jowat logoAt Tece, 32gr of Jowat primer is applied per square meter. This ensures that the product would adhere the panel edge even in difficult positions of the process. Again, Tece uses Jowat brand which is the most famous and respected brand in glue and primer production.
  • Quality is not important...

    If quality is not important

    If the quality of edgebanding is not important for you, you can find many suppliers in China. From our experience, Chinese product is the cheapest. When buying cheap edgebanding from China or possible another place, it does not mean that the company is making less profit. We can assure you that they are probably making better profit than Tece or the other premium quality supplier. They are using the lesser good quality raw material and improper equipment to produce this product. This is the only way to give cheaper products.

    By paying 20% more or so, you would be getting a product with much better ingredients and getting the product from a company who cares about all involved stakeholders.
  • Visit production site

    Visiting the production site

    Try to organize a visit to the facility of the producer. And try to see how much of the work is done with hand and how much is done with automation.

    For example at Tece, from PVC mixing preparing to extruding, from printing to coating, all is done with the highest technology with as less human interference as possible. This ensures that the product is always produced with the best possible standards.
  • Selection of the edgebanding supplier

    Selection of the edgebanding supplier

    How do we know that the cheapest material is not good or non-consistent? We know it because only higher quality material and equipment will produce a consistent product. This means that the cost of material will increase due to the higher quality raw material and amortization of the machine.

    Furthermore, you will rely better and more effectively on the companies who make these sorts of calculations. The companies who are not making calculations (adding amortization to their cost or other small costs) will at some point face financial and economical problem.
  • Price vs. Optimization

    Price vs. Optimization

    The cost of the edgebanding can be low; but the time and effort put into processing it will increase the cost.

    The smart buyer should make detailed calculation and study on this to make sure that the production runs smoothly.
  • Being a smart buyer

    Being a smart buyer

    It is time to be a smart buyer because the world has become so competitive. And companies will earn when they are making the right purchasing decisions rather than selling. The world’s leading and most important furniture producers are making their products with the best machinery and the best available materials.

    That is because overtime they have experienced the following:

    1. The most efficient and optimum production can be done with the best machinery
    2. To get the best out of the best machinery, it is necessary to use the good and consistent quality of materials.
  • Why so cheap

    Why so cheap

    We can assure that when you are buying cheaper material, it is cheap, not because, they are making less profit. Yet, it is because they are using second quality raw material, or they do not have any standards which would assure the quality of edgebanding. In essence, we do not simply suggest you to buy the most expensive material but to buy the right quality of material. The furniture producer or distributor should consider every aspect of quality vs. price.

    With Tece or other premium quality edgebanding suppliers, the buyer should have a free of mind and they should be focusing on selling the product rather than trying to adjust their production or trying to solve the customers complains. At the end, the better one will always prevail.

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What you can do?

  • We can match any color, any design. All we need is a sample product.
  • We can produce in any thickness between 0.3mm and 2.5mm
  • We can supply in width between 13mm and 610mm.
  • We can give the best possible prices considering our quality.
  • We can produce your edgebanding in ABS, PVC, and PMMA types of plastics.

What you cannot do?

  • We cannot produce cheap quality products. We cannot eliminate the standard quality procedure above.
  • We prefer not to match an existing edgebanding due to color difference from board. We prefer to match directly from the board.


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