New DIY Solution for Preglued Rolls

Box For Preglued

In many parts of the world, DIY (do-it-yourself) sector is growing at a very high speed. At Tece, we are analyzing and studying possibilities to help our customers / distributors so that they can take the share in this sector.

One of our most important products for DIY business is preglued melamine edgebanding. Yet, DIY requires only short length of rolls of 5mt or 10mt. As being a mass producer of this product, we cannot accommodate this request of our customer. Yet, we can help our customers to do this by their own with our special tools and packaging.

Our customers don’t need anything but the rewinding machine, our specially designed box, and of course, the edgebanding.

In the below video, we show you how we can help you in preparing our edgebandings for the DIY stores.

The back side of the package shows how to use the product.

Box For Preglued Back

If you require more information, please get in touch with us. 

Box For Preglued 2

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