Swatch for Metal Collection

Interactive collection for metal edgebandings

At TECE, we focus in providing solutions to meet the needs of our customers and to meet the demands of the market. For that reason, we are expanding our production range day by day.

New DIY Solution for Preglued Rolls

Box For Preglued

In many parts of the world, DIY (do-it-yourself) sector is growing at a very high speed. At Tece, we are analyzing and studying possibilities to help our customers / distributors so that they can take the share in this sector.

Swatch for Wood Veneer

Interactive collection for metal edgebandings

It was 1987 when TECE started producing veneer edgebanding. At that time, the range of species were limited (beech, oak, pine, okume and few more). Today, we are proud to announce that we have now 24 different species available for your request.

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