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To supply a complete range of edgebandings.


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Our vision is set clear; to supply a complete solution of edgebandings to our customers.

With the addition of 2in1 / 3D PMMA edgebanding, we are now getting closer to completing the whole range of edgebandings.

2in1 and 3D edgebandings are produced from PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate - Acrylic). Both 2in1 and 3D edgebanding are translucent plastic products which give 3D depth to the panel (especially high gloss panels). In return, this edgebanding adds great value to the finished furniture with its 3D brilliant optical look.

PMMA edgebanding is offered in both 2in1 (two color) and 3D (single color with translucency).

PMMA in 2in1

2in1 means twin edgebanding, two tone edgebanding, or two color edgebanding.

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PMMA in 3D

3D Edgebanding is a product which has translucent PMMA over it. The 1mm / thicker layer of PMMA gives an original 3D feeling...

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Yes, we can match

We can match the customer board color, design and finish in our PMMA edgebandings.
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