Production Process


TECE believes that décor printing is one area that is continually changing and developing. To this end, we have two printing machines installed with widths of 65cm and 160cm.

Printing on Decor Paper 

This in one hand facilitates the customers to pick up the right match on a "tailor made" basis and on the other hand gives the company an opportunity to develop its own "design bank" and "product ranges" for serving the potential customers.

Color matching services we offer arms us with a facility to meet the customers' diverse needs. Tece has stood the test of time and is always alert and ready to meet the challenges.

Please contact us for further details for your specific printing requirements.


Impregnation is a process in which the paper is absorbed with resin and covered with lacquer surface. Since the quality of the final product is determined by the quality of the impregnation, we place special emphasis on it and the raw material which is used during this process.


Furthermore, we make a great deal of efforts to insure the consistent quality of the edgebanding. This is made possible with our quality control team that sees to it that only the best products are produced and delivered to our customers.

Currently, we have the ability to impregnate up to 1.35 meter wide paper. Feel free to consult with us if you would like us to impregnate paper for you.

Color Matching

Thanks to our experience and modern technology, we can offer our customers remarkably accurate color matching. Custom color matching allows us to produce unique and vibrant designs that reflect the latest styles and trends. Our cylinder database consists of over 100 sets of cylinders. This enables us to match the most difficult decors in the market.

Color Matching in Melamine Edgebanding 

Tece' conducts extensive research and design development. We're continuously creating new design solutions that exceed the ever-changing needs of our valuable customers.

Please contact us to find out how we can make your dream design come alive.

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