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Multiplex Intro 2

As the number of colors and designs are increasing at a speed never seen before, we developed a new style edgebanding that would work with any board. 


Multiplex 3D edgebanding will add the some aesthetic appeal to the furniture. It will enable the furniture producer to use it on any board in case they don’t have the color in stock or in case, they want to add value to their style.

With its translucent characteristics, Multiplex 3D edgebanding is available in any width up to 60mm in thickness of 1.5mm. It comes in 10 different color shades. MOQ per color is 30m2.

At TECE, we are thinking about new products everyday. Products that would add a new look to the furniture, products that help designers to be more creative on their end product. 

For further details or questions about Multiplex 3D edgebanding, please get in touch with us.


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