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Celebrated Our 35th Anniversary

Time flies. It was like yesterday that we celebrated our 30th anniversary.

After almost two years of restriction, we decided to resume our full activities with a celebration. In June 2022, we celebrated our 35th anniversary together with our employees. It was the first such an even in more than 2 years due to Coronavirus restriction.

During the event, our chairman, Mr Tayfur Coskunuzer, talked about how important is to have good people behind our brand. He said as follows:

"Our company is made of people; the quality of those people determines the quality of our products. So far, we have been successful in producing one of the best and consistent qualities in the world and we have more work ahead of us and we are all determined to work in this path."

The event was full of traditional music and dances, took place at Tece Dekor's main Conference Room.

We like to thank all our employees for every contribution that made TECE what it is today. We hope that we will see many more anniversaries in the years to come.

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