Quality can only be produced in a quality place
Over these past 35 years, we have expanded to 30,000m2 production area from a small workshop in Bursa, Turkey; starting from almost zero, TECE today employs about 250 people and exports to 90 countries around the world.

We prepared this page so that you can make a simple factory tour on the internet. Check out our videos and then photos below.
'If we can dream something; it means that we can make it. As Tece, our dream, our purpose, and our goal has always been to produce quality products with perfect details; this reality can be seen and observed today with our commitment to our customers, employees and all stakeholders around the world.'
Наши офисы
At TECE, we know that we can only produce quality products with the correct people, correct equipment and correct raw materials. To this end, we have invested much in our buildings and production equipment.
Фотографии с производства
In our production, we make sure that our facilities are not producing any gas or hazardous material that could damage our people or environment. All filtration systems have been installed.
R&D Отделение
Research and development is the core of our company. We want to improve our products, our processes and we have invested a good deal on this purpose. Come and see our R&D Center yourself!
What TECE can do for you?
    • We can help you with our widest range of edgebandings in the world.
    • We can help you with our 30 years of experience. We don't only sell product but we also try to help our customer to guide them in the right way.
    • We can supply edgebandings with the best possible quality and optimum prices.
    • We can help you to increase your market share in edgebanding with different strategies, with color chains, with product sampling and more.
    • There are hundreds of edgebanding producers in the world, you can get in touch with us to see why we are different, why we can help you better.
What TECE cannot do?
    • We only prefer to be long term partner with our customers. Like above, we have many customers who have worked with us for more than 10 years.
    • We cannot produce cheap quality products. We cannot eliminate the standard quality procedure in place.
    • We cannot cheat our stakeholders. We can only do business with fair play. For us, building trust is far more important than selling 10 container loads of edgebanding.
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