TECE: Your Choice for Precise Color Matches
TECE: Your Choice for Precise Color Matches
At TECE, we excel in color matching for edgebanding. Our collaboration with our customers enables us to enhance our colormatching quality. As the panel producers are coming up with sophisticated designs; we at TECE need to match that sophistication. Just in the month of July, we matched the latest collection from Gruppo Saviola. Here you can see some images that showcase our commitment to impeccable design.

TECE understands the importance of seamless matching with the board. Our skilled team ensures that seamless joint between board and edgebanding is possible with our edgebandings.

For manufacturers and architects, TECE is your ultimate partner.
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To see if we already have the matching edgebanding for your colors, use our edgefinder tool!
ADDED DATE 02 Aug 2023
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