3in1 Trimmer

A Revolutionary Tool for Carpenters and DIY Consumers: The Perfect and Easy Tool for Edge Trimming

We had always imagined designing an end trimmer, but we never thought we could incorporate this into one simple tool that can be used as a pressing block, end trimmer, and double-edge trimmer.

Inspired by the very nail clipper that we use on a daily basis, the trimmer works perfectly with preglued melamine. The end trimmer works just like a nail clipper, where you press the end position. The most important thing is to keep the tool moving in a balanced position.

Experience will make the device work perfectly. After a few tries and balance control, you will be getting perfect and clean results. And this will be an indispensable tool for carpenters and DIY consumers. Please note, the double-edge trimmer works in both directions.

How to use:

  1. Apply the preglued edgebanding and leave 1cm from each end.
  2. Use the side of the 3in1 trimmer to press the edgebanding on the board.
  3. Hold the end trimming unit over the 1mm edgebanding, press your thumb over the end-knives firmly, and pull the bottom part of the trimmer upward.
  4. Then use the double-edge trimmer to trim the edges.
  5. For more help, please watch our video below:

The Story Behind Designing the TECE 3in1 Trimmer:

We've been in the business of making edgebanding since 1987 and we're always trying to find new ways to make it easier for our customers to use our edgebanding. We've been thinking about making a trimmer for a few years, especially one that can trim the ends. We didn't find many options in the market so we decided to make our own. We combined an end trimmer and double-edge trimmer into one tool, which we think is revolutionary.

It was difficult to make, but we went through many prototypes and finally made the perfect tool with the help of our industrial designer and 3D printing.

Our 3in1 trimmer is protected by a patent worldwide. Our patent number is PCT/TR2022/050681
  • High durability High durability
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