Non-Brushed Aluminum Edgebanding


Producing value-added products is the aim of many furniture companies. To this end, they use high gloss panels and 3D edgebanding since last decade. These years, another material is becoming more popular than ever: real metal in different finishes.

At Tece, we already keep stock of 8 different metal finishes. And this month, we are introducing a new one: non-brushed metal edgebanding.

Non-brushed metal is made from aluminum and laminated to a plastic substrate. It can be processed just like standard edgebanding. The edgebander operator just has to be sure the trimming knives are sharp.

Non Brushed Aluminum 2

With metal products, not only, furniture makers can create a value-added product but also add contrast and modernity to their furniture.

Non-brushed metal edgebanding is available in thickness of 1mm and in width of 16mm to 610mm.

For more information or to get a sample, please get in touch with us.

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