• Welcome to TECE's 30th Anniversary

  • Conference room

    TECE new conference room is desinged for all sorts of activities.
  • Awards

    Special awards were given to employees depending on how long they worked at TECE.
  • TECE Dining Area

    Newly opened dining room is designed so that our workforce can enjoy their free time. 
  • Speaking to his Employees

    Mr. Tayfur Coskunuzer is telling his dream for 2026...
  • Award Ceremony

    Special Awards were given to employees and other stakeholders.

Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary
We love what we do...

We are very excited and proud to celebrate our 30 years of producing and supplying premium quality edgebanding to the furniture makers around the world.

Over these past 30 years, we have expanded to 30,000m2 production area from a small workshop in Bursa, Turkey; starting from almost zero, TECE today employs about 200 people and exports to 90 countries around the world. To celebrate this, we have organized an in-house ceremony in which all of our employees were present.

On the day of the ceremony, our new 'TECE Cafe', dining area and conference room were opened for operation. You can see the slideshow below:

Tece Cafe

Dining room for TECE staff

Dining room 2

Tece Employees at the Dining Room

Tece Employees at the Dining Room 2

Tece Employees at the Dining Room 3

During the conference, our chairman, Mr. Tayfur Coskunuzer, laid out the visions of TECE for the year of 2026. In his speech, he emphasized the importance of believing in ourselves, the importance of caring about each small detail, and importance of producing the quality products.

Mr. Coskunuzer is speaking with TECE employees

Surprise award to Mr. Coskunuzer...

Ibrahim receives his award for 18th year at TECE

One of his important remarks is below:
'If we can dream something; it means that we can make it. As Tece, our dream, our purpose, and our goal has always been to produce quality products with perfect details; this reality can be seen and observed today with our commitment to our customers, employees and all stakeholders around the world.'


Mr. Coskunuzer is speaking with TECE employees

Celebrating 30th Anniversary

TECE Conference Room

Conference Close up

Award Picture for longest working employees

Conference, Different View

During the event, TECE also announced that laser edgebanding and PP edgebanding would be added to our portfolio in 2018.


At this special event, each one of our employees (both blue-collar and white-collar) received an award based on the time service at TECE. And finally, we would like to thank all our employees and stakeholders for their trust and for helping TECE achieve her goals!

Award Ceremony Based on Time Served - Most Seniors

The people above have worked at TECE for more than 10 years at minimum.

Award Ceremony 2

Award Ceremony 3

Award Ceremony 4

Award Ceremony 5

Award Ceremony 6

Award Ceremony 6

Award Ceremony 7

Award Ceremony 8

Award Ceremony 9

Award Ceremony 10

Award Ceremony 11

Award Ceremony 12

Award Ceremony 13

Award Ceremony 14

Award Ceremony 15

Award Ceremony 16

Award Ceremony 17

Award Ceremony 18

Award Ceremony 19

Award Ceremony 20

Award Ceremony 21

Award Ceremony 22

Award Ceremony 23

What TECE can do for you?

  • We can help you with our widest range of edgebandings in the world.
  • We can help you with our 30 years of experience. We don't only sell product but we also try to help our customer to guide them in the right way.
  • We can supply edgebandings with the best possible quality and optimum prices.
  • We can help you to increase your market share in edgebanding with different strategies, with color chains, with product sampling and more.
  • There are hundreds of edgebanding producers in the world, you can get in touch with us to see why we are different, why we can help you better.

What TECE cannot do?

  • We only prefer to be long term partner with our customers. Like above, we have many customers who have worked with us for more than 10 years.
  • We cannot produce cheap quality products. We cannot eliminate the standard quality procedure in place.
  • We cannot cheat our stakeholders. We can only do business with fair play. For us, building trust is far more important than selling 10 container loads of edgebanding.


For more information about our company and products, please get in touch with us.

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