Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals
Tece decor, one of the important edgebanding manufacturers, has started working to reach Net Zero by 2050 by minimizing carbon emissions in the Sustainability Law.

Being aware of our responsibilities in the global fight against climate change, which is one of the sustainable development goals, the value management process has become the priority agenda of Tece decor.

Studies are carried out by prioritizing emission reduction and value chain integration in production and investment targets.

In order to reduce our carbon emissions, which we have determined in the short, medium and long term in our net zero targets, we are reducing our fossil fuel consumption by starting to work with photovoltaic systems.

While determining circular economy growth strategies, we have started working on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy and resource efficiency.

In this context, bio-based product trials in our R&D studies also promote supply chain sustainability.
ADDED DATE 03 Dec 2023
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