Hot Melt

Choosing quality edgebanding with quality hotmelt  


To complete the range of edgebanding solutions, we supply hotmelt adhesive in different grades...

We offer hot melt adhesive as to complete our philosophy to provide a complete edgebanding solution. We currently offer 4 types of hot melt. All of which have good properties and have been tested by many edgebanders with very good results and easy usage.

Below see the list of two products:

1. Tece Hot Melt 506 (THM 506): This is the top quality of hot melt which you can find in the market. THM 506 is used in curved or manual edgebanding application. Melting temperature is between 120° - 140°. The color is white or natural.

2. Tece Hot Melt 2042 (THM 2042): This is the standard hot melt which is used for automated edgebanders (Homag, SCM, Turanlar, and others edgebanders). This product has been used by all sort of edgebander from Brandt to the cheapest machine in the market. The feedback from our customers has always been positive. The color is white or natural.

3. Tece Hot Melt 48 (THM 48): This is the transparent hot melt which is used for automated edgebanders (Homag, SCM, Turanlar, and others edgebanders). With this product, there are two advantages: 1. The glue line becomes much less visible compared to standard hot melt. 2. The amount to be applied per square meter is much less. With this glue, you can create furniture with top-end quality.

4. Tece Hot Melt 2003 (THM 2003): This is the yellow transparent hot melt which is similar to THM 48. It is the more economical solution compared THM 48 with similar results. This is the most common and sold transparent hotmelt at TECE.

In all our business affairs and philosophy, we believe that only good material combination with good technique will produce the best result. Given this, we want to provide you the hot melt adhesive to enable you to experience this combined with our edgebandings.

Please note that Tece acts as an intermediary between the customer and the producer of hot melt with very little interest of profit. Our main target is to supply our customer the best product so that they can use our edgebandings with better results. In addition, we supply this so that our customer does not have to go to another company to buy this product. Please note that our prices for hot melt will always be competitive because of our advantage in bulk purchase.

As Tece, we stand firm in the quality of our edgebandings. We will follow this way with our hot melt product.
  • High durability High durability
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