Vacuum Holder

Vacuum Holder  for Edgebanding Processing

Simple & Revolutionary Device for Manual Processing OF Edgebanding

In recent years, we have received numerous requests for the development or obtaining tools to make edgebanding use even simpler. Indeed, standard edgebanding machines are simple and convenient. Still, every customers cannot dispose such devices or the availability on DIY market to access it.

With this in mind, we present our new vacuum holder, perfectly suiting preglued edgebanding users. The board can be clamped to the vacuum holder and easily be removed without any damage to the surface. Simple and affordable, this tool gives practical advantage during the gluing edgebanding to boards and trimming the edges. The device can be used anywhere as it can be attached with clamp.
Please watch the video to discover how it works and get in touch with us for more information.

Two options are available for the vacuum holder:

  1. Single Vacuum: For small pieces as big as 40cm by 40cm. The main feature of this is that it turns 360 degrees to work on each edge without having to remove the board. It is with click of a button.
  2. Double vacuum: For bigger pieces as big as 40cm by 80cm. It is possible to place two of these to work with even bigger boards. You can also work with bigger panels by putting two sets of double vacuum on each end of working table.
  • High durability High durability
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