Gold Mirror Effect Edgebanding

Is it real mirror?

It is not real mirror but the look is exactly like mirror! Thus, on the machine, it can be processed just like normal edgebanding


Every day, the designers are demanding new products to be more creative in their work (especially in kitchens, and decorations works) and raw material producers must respond and help this creativity. And now, thanks to the efforts of our R&D, we are now offering this new product. Think of an edgebanding that you can see your own reflection in the same way mirror!

With this mirror-like edgebandings, the furniture will have a depth to it.

Along with our real aluminum and stainless steel edgebanding, we have the below new products in our range:

  1. Mirror effect edgebanding
  2. Gold Mirror effect edgebanding
  3. Copper Mirror effect edgebanding

What we use in our product is a special mirror / gold mirror foil. A perfect reflective material is laminated to our plastic edgebandings. With this product, the consumers can experience the look of real mirror in their furniture.

This material is available in thickness of 1mm. It is produced in jumbo roll; thus, it is possible to have any width between 16mm and 610mm. For more information, please contact with us.


  • Thickness 1.0mm Thickness 1.0mm
  • Width from 9mm to 610mm Width from 9mm to 610mm
  • Realistic mirror effect Realistic mirror effect
  • High durability High durability
  • Healthy Healthy
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