Our Certificates
Quality Policy
Providing the customer satisfaction in top level with the products which meets all the expectations, providing the quality image, and the harmony of the given deadlines and delivery dates.

Being a reliable and preferred company by following the actual technological researches and developments regarding to the customer requirements and expectations, to achieve to our targets, we follow and keep the rules of the Quality Management System improved and updated.
Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Occupational Health and Safety Policy
While our company produces and makes the sales of Melamine, PVC, and Veneer Edge Banding with the top class quality, we also seriously take care off improving the working environment, creating and keeping the health and safety of our employees without exception.

Regarding to that, we confirm and undertake that, the following criteria is committed to provide and maintain;

Providing to minimize and/or remove the risks of the Occupational Health and Safety by taking measures,

Comply with Legislation and Administrative Regulations in force related with the Occupational Health and Safety,

Educating all the employee to make them aware about their personal responsibilities based on Occupational Health and Safety,

Sharing all the experiences acquired with the Public, Private Sector Organizations and Civil Society Organizations, related with the Occupational Health and Safety with our employees.

Always providing the improvements related with the Occupational Safety issues.
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