Slitting Machine Pro

A Perfect Machine for TECE Distributors

The idea behind this project is to enable our customers and distributors to be flexible in their stock and edgebanding services. With this revolutionary and easy-to-use machine, customers can slit rolls to any width from 9mm to 80mm in a few minutes.

The Slitting Machine is a simple device that splits 95mm or any width of edgebanding into two widths. For example, by putting a roll with a width of 90mm, you can get two rolls of 35mm and 55mm or two rolls of 45mm. The possibilities are unlimited. The minimum slitting width is 9mm, and the maximum is 80mm. Another example is to put a roll with a width of 60mm, you can get two rolls of 25mm and 35mm.

Main Feature of the machine is listed below: 
  1. Thickness: Any thickness between 0.4mm and 2mm
  2. Width: Maximum width of master roll can be 95mm
  3. Slit Width: Any width between 9mm and 80mm
  4. Electricity: 220v, European household standard electricity
  5. Machine Dimensions: 150cm x 100cm x H90cm

A high-quality slitting machine can cost minimum 40,000 euros and requires industrial electricity, the ability to move large rolls, and a minimum waste of 3%. It also requires properly trained employees to maintain the knives and avoid replacements.

Without a slitting machine, customers may have to rely on air delivery or keep a large stock of different widths. Our machine is designed to be user-friendly and eliminate these issues.

However, it's important to note that in some countries, only a few widths are necessary, in which case this machine may not be needed. But in markets where widths vary, a machine like this can be very beneficial.

It's also worth noting that owning a slitting machine does not mean that everything must be purchased in bulk. Customers can still primarily buy standard widths directly from TECE and use the machine to create a smaller percentage of custom widths.

This machine is only sold to our distributors and we see ourselves as a solution partner, not just a machine supplier. With this new tool, our customers will be able to be more flexible and stronger in their market.
  • High durability High durability
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