3D Multiplex Edgebanding

As the number of colors and designs available in the market continues to increase, TECE has developed a new style of edgebanding that can be used with any board.

Multiplex 3D edgebanding adds aesthetic appeal to furniture and allows furniture producers to use it on any board, even if they do not have the desired color in stock or if they want to add value to their style.

With its translucent properties, Multiplex 3D edgebanding is available in widths up to 60mm and a thickness of 1.5mm. It comes in 10 different color shades, with a minimum order quantity of 30 square meters per color.

At TECE, we are constantly thinking of new products that can enhance the look of furniture and inspire creativity in designers. If you have any questions about Multiplex 3D edgebanding, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

  • Thickness 1.5mm Thickness 1.5mm
  • Width from 9mm to 300mm Width from 9mm to 300mm
  • Minimum tolerance on colour Minimum tolerance on colour
  • Eco-friendly recycable Eco-friendly recycable
  • Perfect matching Perfect matching
  • High durability High durability
  • Customisable Customisable
  • Healthy Healthy
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