We act according to what we believe...
On the foundation of any company, the guidelines of conduct are very important and are meant to set the company to be. We have to be responsible and caring to our stakeholders that include our workforce, our customers, our suppliers, and anyone whom we deal during our business conducts. These guidelines create the essence of the culture of a corporation.
"Quality of our company depends on the quality of our people at Tece. Quality of our people will depend on making the most of them. At Tece, we give them challenging opportunities, recognition for achievement, job enrichment and the maximum responsibility. And we help them in difficulty and try to be affectionate and humane."

Some of our people spend their entire working lives at Tece. We try to make it a happy experience. We place importance on this, believing that superior service and superior quality of products depends on the high morale of our men and women.

Happy persons can produce better product with enthusiasm and this is what we try to do at Tece.

The easiest way to create the corporate culture is for the leader of the organization to behave in accordance with it and this is exactly what our chairman Mr. Tayfur Coskunuzer did. To accomplish it, he behaved as he wanted his company to behave. Thus, a corporate culture was born.
  • Gentle manners and hard work
    We like people with gentle manners. And this is how we behave at Tece. Gentle manners bring peace and serenity to the workplace. We encourage kindness / sympathy in our dealings with each other at the workplace both with ourselves and other stakeholders.
    Gentle manners and hard work
  • Health comes first
    Health comes first
    We are a manufacturing company. And we deal with chemicals and additives. The lives and the health of our workforce are utmost importance to us. Therefore, the harmful materials (DOP oil or as such) are not permitted to be used at Tece even though they would be much price savers in our material cost. It does not matter how costly it would be but we prefer the health of our workforce without question. When dealing with chemicals or some additives, it is also mandatory to use protection. At the end, Tece is made of the people who work there. And we like our customers decide. We believe whatever our customers are buying, they should think of the people who produced them. The cheaper material with harmful additives will damage some people and the customer should be aware of them.
  • Honesty
    We enjoy working with people who are honest. In this sense, honest means honesty with customer, with suppliers, with the company, and above all with the end user who are the ones who actually pay for our product and see it in their furniture.
  • What we admire in people
    What we admire in people
    We admire people who speak their minds. At the same time, we admire people who listen more than they talk, and make a real effort to understand views that differ from their own.

    We admire people who work hard, who are objective and thorough.
Earning The Respect of Customers
We exist to supply the best possible product to our customers. The products that we sell to them should be the same as we would be expecting from our suppliers. We do everything possible to make sure that our customers are happy without regard to our own short-term interest. This earns their respect, which is the greatest asset which Tece can have in the long-run.

What our customers want from us is great products with great price. We can only do both. If the customer wants only great price, we would not be the right choice. There are many other companies in East Asia or other places where they will find cheaper. Yet, if the customer wants a great product with great price, the address is Tece. The connection between quality and price is an utmost importance for us. We put these two at the top of our priorities. We make our price offers clear. But we do not grudge our customers the right to the final say; we prefer to let them decide. At the end, it is their money.

We try to create an atmosphere in which partnerships with our customers can flourish. And we do our best so that our customers have the lead edge with our products and services against the competitors in their region or country.
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