Tece Art Gallery
Tece Art Gallery
Tayfur ÇOŞKÜNÜZER was born in Erciş in 1968. He completed his education at Anadolu University, Department of Sociology.
He started art with his childhood dream of taking photographs. This dream led him to do better in this field; He opened exhibitions with a selection of photographs he took in many countries around the world and made photo albums called Masai Mara-Safari, Traces of Light and Photo Diary, consisting of these selections.

His passion for photography also introduced him to other areas of art. Thanks to his love and interest in painting, he began to buy the paintings and sculptures he liked from galleries, art festivals and auctions. As the number of these works he purchased increased, he acquired a good art collection over time and became a qualified art collector himself.

With the desire to see his favorite works at any time, he created his own art gallery "Tece Art Gallery", consisting of 3 separate sections and a total area of 800 m2, in the new management building. Showing these valuable works to his guests and art lovers who came to visit his gallery made him even happier as a collector.

Mr. Tayfur ÇOŞKÜNÜZER brings together this selection of 16 valuable works by important artists of contemporary Turkish painting in his collection with art lovers with the perspective of "Each work is a different cultural journey" and invites you to accompany him on this cultural journey.
ADDED DATE 22 Mar 2024
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