Hybrid is the Future: New Economical + Ecological Edgebanding
Hybrid is the Future: New Economical + Ecological Edgebanding

Story behind the Hybrid Edgebanding Project

In the world, white edgebanding is used far more than any other color, comprising approximately 50% of the entire edgebanding market.

Recognizing the market's need for a more affordable product (namely white edgebanding), TECE has always been receptive to new ideas and developments. However, every internal decision we make must adhere to our company's founding principles, which are:

- No damage to humanity
- No usage of low-quality raw materials
- A product that is ecologically sustainable for the future

We understood that the only way to achieve these objectives is by formulating a product with another polymer. After careful consideration, we chose polypropylene as our polymer of choice. It is fully recyclable, odorless, physiologically harmless, and burns without producing toxic air.

To fulfill our second objective of reducing costs, we invested in a full production line to control the downstream process. Additionally, we installed solar energy panels on our production facility to generate electricity for our hybrid production. This is where the name "hybrid" originated, and it symbolizes the integration of sustainable practices into our new product.

Introducing Hybrid Edgebanding

At TECE, we explored alternative polymers and discovered our new edgebanding solution: Hybrid. The formulation of an edgebanding is its DNA, determining its durability against external factors, its healthiness, and its price.

In a world of increasing competition, offering the best quality at the best price has become crucial. As Tece searched for the optimal formulation to produce superior edgebanding, we made this breakthrough last year.

Thanks to the perfect formulation we have developed, we proudly present the edgebanding we produce as "Hybrid"; the edgebanding processed in the same way as normal PVC or ABS on edgebanding machine.

So, what makes it perfect?

- It is made from a healthy and nature-friendly pure polymer.
- It exhibits excellent flexibility.
- It offers exceptional heat resistance.
- It is constructed from the strongest polymer available.
- It is affordable.
- It is produced using renewable energy within Tece's facilities.
We strongly suggest getting a sample roll to give it a try for our new product.

For more information and samples of Hybrid Edgebanding please contact us. We firmly believe that Hybrid represents the future of edgebanding.
ADDED DATE 07 Jun 2023
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