An Incredible Story of Relentless Efforts and Success

Initially founded as a company to produce veneer edgebanding in Turkey in 1987. As the market for veneer decreased, we have added melamine edgebanding, PVC edgebanding, and other products to meet the demands of our customers. Started with a small workshop in Bursa-Turkey with production of only veneer, TECE today produces a wide range of edgebanding products in paper, plastic and more.
Tece Factory as of 2017

From a 100m2 workshop in the suburb of Bursa to 30,000 square meter factory; through the course of last quarter century, TECE has been growing steadily. TECE is the only company in the world to produce ABS, PVC, melamine, PMMA, metal and veneer edgebandings under one roof.

Below you can find the developments of TECE in a chronically order:

Necdet Coskunuzer


An Edgebanding Company is Born
Necdet Coskunuzer was educated for production of furniture. From age of 18 to 46, he was producing home furniture and commercial office furniture. When he moved from his home town of Ercis to Bursa, he needed edgebanding to cover the sides of his furniture. He could not find a good supplier for that product in Turkey where the furniture industry was very primitive at that time. Then, he decided that he would consider starting producing this product. With no availability of internet and limited knowledge of such production, he made much efforts and trials to start producing veneer edgebanding. Once all trials were set, the first rolls of pre-glued veneer edgebanding were produced and introduced to the market in 1987.
Every color, every design


TECE starts importing and selling melamine and PVC edgebanding.
The development in Turkish furniture industry was rapid and steady. And we had to keep up with the trends and demands; thus, melamine and PVC were imported, pre-glued and distributed throughout Turkey.
Every color & every design


TECE moves into the new facility with a closed area of 2,000 square meters.
With the development of production techniques and market size, we grow steadily with both our area and our production techniques. Tece starts exports her products to the world.
Deciding on complete edgebanding production


Tece decides to invest and produce melamine edgebanding
Melamine was the main product of Tece portfolio. Yet, being an only importer did not help our cause to grow. Thus, we had to make our own production so that we can serve customers who needed special color, lesser quantity, and fast delivery.
Installing Machines


TECE installed printing and impregnation lines.
The investment in melamine edgebanding production is greater than many think of. It seems to be a simple product; yet, the know-how, the technology that is inside of it is incredible. The time of installing a printing and impregnation line takes more than a year.
TECE New Factory


Expanding our production
TECE moves into its new facility with a total area of 20,000 square meters in Bursa Industrial Area. TECE successfully completes impregnation and printing trials. TECE starts printing and impregnating regular products. The business title of TECE changes to TECE DEKOR Paper Printing and Impregnation A.S.
TECE to 32 countries


Exporting to 32 countries.
Export becomes an important part of Tece turnover; our quality product and speedy service help us to boost sales.
Investment in PVC


Investment in PVC
Decisions are taken to invest in production of PVC / plastic edgebanding. The decision was to invest into the UV printing technology; the most advanced printing technique in the edgebanding world.
PVC Edgebanding


PVC Edgebanding
PVC edgebanding is successfully produced and is introduced at exhibitions. Only company in the world to produce plastic, melamine, and veneer edging under one company.
New Investment in Extrusion and Printing Lines


More investment in PVC
2 more extrusion lines and 2 UV more printing lines are added to plastic edgebanding production. Exporting our full range to 55 countries.
PMMA Production is starting...


PMMA Acrylic edgebanding
2in1 and 3D PMMA acrylic edgebanding is produced. Exporting our full range to 75 countries around the world. More 18 exhibitions are organized in 2014 only.
ABS Production is starting...


ABS Edgebanding
Trials have been started to produce ABS edgebanding. Total workforce: ~210 people dedicated to produce only edgebanding Total product range: the widest range of edgebandings in the world.


New Factory
We have completed the construction of our new factory with an area of ~20,000m2; now, Tece is operating in an area of 30,000m2. With the standard production of ABS edgebanding, we are offering the widest range of edgebandings in the world.

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